Clerical & Administration

Clerical staff conduct basic administrative and office functions for a company. Assume this role as an individual who keeps the office organized and operating effortlessly. What does a clerical employee do daily? The clerical team is usually responsible for scheduling assistance, answering phones, responding to the emails, maintaining / archiving/retrieving the file systems, handling deliveries, and data entry, among other responsibilities. Due to the variety of tasks involved in clerical function, the applicants for this profession should be well-organized and meticulous.

Additional essential aspect of clerical work is customer service. A clerical employee is usually the person answering phones and receiving persons/visitors at the door of an office. They serve as an initial point of contact for customers, clients, and investors, etc. Serving in this role of customer-facing, they must have strong customer service skills to thrive as a clerical worker.

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Contact Center

Client experience has absolutely not been more crucial or more challenging. Covid-19 has forced many call centers ahead of their limits. Majority of the customers and employees are stressed. Some firms — particularly service oriented such as insurance and financial/banking companies have witnessed a surge in consumer demand. Assignments are rising, and client preferences seem to shift with the breeze.

In general, contact centers include representatives who oversee omnichannel customer care, such as emails, calls, voice over IP (VoIP), webchat assistance, interactions via social media, etc. Contact centers are like call centers but drive ahead of simply handling calls to connect with customers on their desired means.

A contact center is a midway point from which businesses manage all client interactions across several channels. Their primary objective is to offer clients effective and efficient specialized support, customer assistance and sales support.

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Financial & Accounting

Accounting performs a critical role in running a company since it assists you track income and expenses, guarantee statutory compliance, and provide management, investors, and government with quantifiable financial information which can be utilized in making corporate judgments.
The major functions of Finance and Accounting sector are Financial Outflow, Financial Inflow, Payroll, Financial Reporting, Financial Controlling

Accounting & Book-keeping for each industry and business is distinct. Each firms have some intrinsic characteristics wherein an accountant needs to accommodate to, such as bookkeeping, financial statements, budgeting, insurance coverage, taxes & funding, billing and collections, etc.
In the lawful realm, compliance is extremely vital. Neglecting to adhere to regulations or non-maintenance of the standards can cause in tough penalties for firms or cancellation of licenses.
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Human Resources

Employees are the underpinning structure of every successful business. Therefore, human resources (HR) management is so important.
The HR department executes a broad array of duties and is accountable for helping personnel feel safe, valued, and well supported. Extraordinary human resource management guarantees that the HR department runs efficiently and continues to advance eventually.
Talent Acquisition & Training, Protecting Employees Safety, Managing Company’s Risk, Processing Employees’ payroll & Benefits are key functionalities of this category, to name a few.
The coronavirus pandemic has compelled us to re-evaluate the way we do businesses. As part of this, the HR role is taking centre ground. Businesses are being gradually assessed by the judgments they’ve done and the way they handled their workforce.
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Industrial & Skilled Trade

Skilled Trades are gaining popularity day by day. Its reputation has led to an expansion in necessity for skilled trades.
For instance, skilled trade workers that we need every day such as – Technicians handling day to day maintenance and restorations, restaurants are dependent on bakers & chefs, food is constantly in need, the profession in healthcare and nurses are continually in demand, the construction never ceases, manufacturing be dependent on machinists, etc.
Categories of Skilled Labor Trades are diversified into: Skilled Service Trades (such as chef, baker, nurse, therapist, service technician), Skilled Industrial Trades (such as blacksmiths, welders, mechanics), Skilled Construction Trades (such as plumber, carpenter, stonemason)
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Information Technology

The humanity we live in at the moment is not the world we were native. In the recent few years, technology has transformed the way we work together, the way we operate enterprise, the approach of shopping and the path of work-life. It has grown into an essential part of our normal and now structures an imperative part of life.
The significance of information technology in enterprise cannot be unpretentious. Firms globally are relying on evolving technologies to assist enhance their drive strategy, growth, and competitive advantage. Nowadays, we cannot even think about running business without the Internet, Web-con, Project applications and more.

A few common motives because technology is vital for companies include, but not limited to, Security, Employee Assistance, Time & Money, Communication, Efficiency

Undoubtedly technology benefits the companies accomplish more in less time, without damaging the excellence of product or service. Technology is now executing monotonous tasks that were formerly staged by people. This improves by saving on employee costs or getting them work in regions where they are truly necessary.
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Logistics & Supply Chain

Supply chain planning has turn out to be more complicated than ever. In order to meet consumer demands, corporate leaders must realize the significance of one supply chain standpoint, i.e., logistics management. Logistics is an element of the supply chain engaged in management of inflow and outflow of storage of goods, services, and associated data amongst the point of source and the point of utilisation to meet up clients’ needs. With he help of enhanced logistics, lean management, and optimization delivers the cost-effective, most efficient, and sustainable supply chain solutions.
There are a wide range of roles in both supply chain management and logistics. Supply chain specialists work at every level of an establishment, from entry-level positions to managers to general managers, vice presidents to C-suite executives. Supply chain processes are progressively documented as a key role for corporate leadership and supply chain proficiency is well-signified in several jobs at the peak levels of management such as Chief Logistics Officer, CEO, Chief Production Officer, Chief Procurement Officer, Supply Chain Officer, etc.
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Manufacturing Industry is the branch sector and trade centred on the fabrication, processing, or formulation of products from raw materials and supplies. This comprises of all chemicals, textiles, machineries & equipment, foods, etc.
Manufacturing sector is also deemed to be the backbone of expansion in general and especially for economic growth because of key facts such as:
⦁ Export of manufactured commodities inflates trade and commerce and creates much required foreign exchange.
⦁ Industrial growth is a prerequisite for extinction of unemployment and poverty from any country.
⦁ Countries that transform their raw materials into a wide variety of furnished goods of higher value are prosperous.
Manufacturing team always loves to be a part of this industry, majorly because of the prevailing excitement, safety, creating tangible goods, career oriented, diversity, contribution towards the economic growth, and perpetual skills acquisition.

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