Temp-to-Perm Placements

In a temp-to-perm/contract-to-hire arrangement, an employer hires an employee temporarily to assess their suitability. If satisfied with the employee’s performance and need for the role, employer may offer a permanent position; otherwise, the temporary employment ends without a complex termination process.

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Should the client desire to bring on the contract employee as a full-time employee, a fee for temp-to-perm conversion will be due. Two scenarios are commonly associated with the conversion fee.


It is possible to implement a prorated fee for converting temporary employment to permanent. The fee is adjusted proportionally to the duration of the temporary employee’s work, factoring in the percentage of first-year wages typically earned.


To exemplify, The Talent Care bill 25% of the employee’s first-year remuneration. Nevertheless, the employee has completed a two-month tenure. An invoice covering the remaining 10 months of the year would be sent to the client for 10/12ths of the 25% fee.


In the second scenario, the placement fee can be credited based on the contract employee’s hours worked up to this point. By way of illustration, The Talent Care exact the identical 25% charge once more. However, in this particular situation, The Talent Care attribute a $5 fee for every contracted hour worked.

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