Contingency Placements

At The Talent Care, we offer a specialized Contingency Staffing model tailored to align with your specific hiring needs. For this service, a fixed rate of $99 is charged for access to our contingency staffing resources, ensuring a dedicated approach to finding the right candidates for your roles. Additionally, for each contingent employee requested, an upfront fee of $100 is levied. This fee reflects our commitment to delivering quality candidates, personalized service, and our extensive search and selection process. By structuring our fees in this manner, we ensure transparency and align our services with your unique requirements, demonstrating our pledge to be your trusted staffing partner.

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In both exclusive and non-exclusive contingency search agreements, the client is obligated to remunerate The Talent Care only upon the successful hiring of a candidate. Payment is only issued upon successful placement, regardless of the work completed.
Typically, in contingency search assignments, the fee corresponds to a percentage of the first-year salary of the employee.
Let’s say, for instance, that we agree to a contingent search agreement for a position worth $40,000 with an 18% fee. The candidate’s recruitment will result in a compensation of $7,200 for The Talent Care if we fill the position.
As noted in the retainer section, contingency search fees are commonly less than retained search fees as the search process is typically briefer.

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